Austin Jones Band

Based out of Houston, Texas; this enigmatic & emotionally-driven four-piece known as the Austin Jones Band makes music with melody & beautiful texture, but most importantly, substance.  With thought-provoking, meaningful lyrics and an overall sound driven by tone-rich, encapsulating music that you can feel move within your body and mind, the Austin Jones Band have been leaving a lasting impression on listening ears from all over the globe with their incredibly impactful music.

Comprised of four highly-active, stunningly-skilled musicians: Ashton Nagle, Gary Vander Wiele, Aaron Kimball, and of course their humble band-leader, Austin Jones.   Connecting in such a way that each player contributes to a greater goal overall of making songs and sounds that are vibrant and invoke genuine emotions in listening; they write for reasons of importance, to relay their life-experiences in both the dark and the light, the desolate and the hopeful, the beautiful and the macabre.

The Austin Jones Band released their debut album, On Sin And Cynicism in mid-2013 and haven’t put the brakes on since.  Finding themselves inspired by the love of their fans supporting their music, these four intense musicians are taking hold of their moment and embracing every opportunity that comes their way to have their dark alt-rock played from live-stages to radio-waves.  The incredible response to On Sin And Cynicism has had an immediate impact on the Austin Jones Band, who are currently practicing, writing, jamming and recording their follow-up tunes for what has now become the new EP: ‘Chasing The Wind’ from the Texas four. 

The critics are already overwhelmed with the quality and heart The Austin Jones Band have put into their new songs, and the band themselves couldn’t be more excited for this official release party.  Bringing a full set of tunes including favorites from their past work, and new live versions of the songs that make up the core of the new EP Chasing The Wind; marking another milestone through this massive celebration surrounded by the support & love of music-fans in the local scene is the perfect way to do it.

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