The Austin Jones Band: ‘Chasing The Wind’

Preview our new album: ‘Chasing The Wind’, or purchase it HERE


Thank you to our supporters, we reached our Pledge Campaign goal on Saturday 2.7.15!

Thank you to the following pledgers: Scott & Stephanie Silvas, Fernando Diaz, Billy Bernhard, Joanna Fletcher, Hannah Y Cole, David Rocabado, Wesley Gregerson, Ydira Diaz, Sally Driver, Daniel Grotte, Kevin & Wendy Weiland, Lloyd Hendricks, Kristen NeSmith, Adam & Laura Andrea, Theria Malone, David Hickey, Kevin & Jessica Jones, Jessica Roe, Benjamin Martin, Shane & Kathy Bassford, Thomas Seals, Lorraine Munoz, John Sampson, Aric & Glenna Harding, Jennifer & Kyle Sapaugh, Brian Wolf, Jeremiah Alan, Michelle Wiggins, Maria Foster, Maria Anaya, Mario Villareal, — with your help this new studio project is coming to life!


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  1. So wish we could be there next week! It’s the night of our rehearsal dinner for our wedding, though! Can’t wait to hear the new album!

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